Monday, December 29, 2008

Days 38 - 48

Oh man it has been hectic around here. Hailey's 1 year molars are coming in so she is not sleeping much at all and just insists on being held non-stop. It's been nice having Eddie home but since he'll be working nights when he goes back to work he's been sleeping most of the day, lucky duck I wish I could sleep too.

These pictures catch me up until the 27th. I have pictures for the 28th and today on the camera and will upload them probably tomorrow. I need to get to bed and enjoy the hour of sleep I might get before Hailey wakes up screaming.

Day 48 of 365- Nothing special I was just playing around with the camera a bit while I was waiting for our frozen pizza to cook (the meal of a very sleep deprived mom).

Day 47 of 365- This was Eddie's Christmas present. It's a beer stein with the characters from World of Warcraft on it. I was actually pretty impressed with the art on it. I'm not sure what he's going to do with it, it's not like he drinks that much beer but he really wanted it (I guess he can put his coke in it)Day 46 of 365 - Christmas morning. This was such a fun year. Hailey LOVED the stockings, more than the presents. She kept stealing things from Ashleigh's stocking and putting in her own lol. She had more fun putting things in and taking them back out then doing anything else all day long. For Ashleigh this was the first year that she really understood the whole Santa thing, she kind of got it last year but not really. It was very magical for her, more than anything though she just wanted to make sure the reindeer ate their carrots she wasn't nearly as concerned about Santa's cookies. All in all it was a good day, we only had one melt down from Ashleigh because Hailey got a stuffed turtle and she didn't.
Day 45 of 365 - I wish I had set this picture up by the tree so there'd be a prettier backdrop. But the stinking cats kept trying to drink the milk, and I was afraid they'd spill it in the living room. Maybe next year.
Day 44 of 365 - Making snickerdoodles. I wanted to do something other than the chocolate chip and sugar cookies we make every year. I don't know if I'll make them again no one wanted to eat them but me, so I ended up leaving a big plate out for our milk man. Ashleigh at least had fun making them.

Day 43 of 365 - LOVING my new camera and lens!!
Day 42 of 365 - Just playing around again with the new camera and lens....still waiting for my speedlight, very impatiently I might add.
Day 41 of 365 - Our Christmas wreath. I didn't realize until I looked at the picture how bent out of shape it is. This poor thing has been through so many moves and the scarf has been glued back on so many times.
Day 40 of 365 - My new lens arrived this day. My wonderful husband got me the new 50mm 1.4 AF-S lens. It was love at first shot!

Day 39 of 365 - Our Christmas card picture for this year. I was running way behind for cards this year and never even got them printed and in the mail, everyone had to settle for e-cards. I'm usually so on the ball with these things too, I don't know what happened this year.
Day 38 of 365 - Got my new camera! The Nikon D90...this is one of the first shots I took with it, just a snapshot. So far so good, it's taken a bit of getting used to but I'm really liking it, especially with the new lens. I really can't wait to try the speedlight out with it. And Eddie is loving playing with the D40...he actually read Understanding Exposure. I bought the book a few months ago for me and haven't had the chance to read much in it and he got to sit down and finish it in one night, that's the benefit of being on night shift I guess on his days off he gets to hang out for hours at a time with no kids awake to bother him.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Running behind

Hi everyone! Sorry I'm so behind I haven't even had the chance to sit down at my computer and process pictures, I probably have a good 300 or so pictures to process. I WILL get caught up though, probably this weekend sometime. Eddie is off work for a few days so I plan on escaping upstairs and letting him deal with the kids...mwa ha ha ha.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Days 33 - 37 of 365

Day 37 of 365: What's better on a cold, rainy day then a nice warm cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows!

Day 36 of 365: Snow in Vegas! They said it would snow but I never thought it would actually stick! This is what it looked like outside when I woke up at 8 yesterday morning.
By 2 this is what it looked like in our backyard, and it was still snowing! It didn't turn to rain until around 5 yesterday. Of course Ashleigh was in heaven, she has seen snow before but it is so rare it was a nice treat. Although, I admit I am so glad I don't live in a place where it does this often. I took the girls out to play in it a bit and it took me 30 minutes just to get them dressed, we spent about 20 minutes outside and spent another 15 minutes undressing. I couldn't imagine dealing with all that every time we went out of the house.

They are saying it's supposed to snow again tomorrow but not as much as yesterday. This is only our 2nd winter in Vegas but from what I understand it's very rare to get snow at this low an elevation and for it to happen twice is unheard of, hard to believe just last week we were out at the playground in short sleeves.

Day 35 of 365: Candy Cane Reindeer, these are a tradition in our house. I've made them every Christmas for as long as I can remember , this was really the first year that Ashleigh has been able to help me make them. She actually did most of the work herself, all I did was put the glue on for her .Day 34 of 365: My husband 's grandmother gave us this clock when we got our first apartment together, almost 10 years ago. I know it means a lot to him, it's one of the few items that has stayed with us over the years through all the moves, and it's always the first thing to get hung on the walls when we move.Day 33 of 365 - Ashleigh taught Hailey to play Ring Around the Rosies, she loves it as you can see, she laughs so hard everytime they fall down.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Day 30 - 32 of 365

Day 32 of 365: Have I really been at this over a month already? This is my "official" picture for the day. I guess it's a flower. The wind stopped and it's supposed to be sunny for a couple days before the rain starts (and maybe even snow, in Vegas?? They are saying the foothills might see some flurries this weekend, we'll see. It snowed once in Tucson and the whole town went crazy so we'll see how Vegas handles it) . I figured we'd better get out and enjoy the good weather while it lasted, so we went out and walked the new neighborhood today.

And just a couple funny pictures I had to share. I LOVE lolcats, so I made a couple of my own versions with Tweek today.

Day 31 of 365: Ahhh...what's that? Oh it's just me :) doing what I do best surfing the net. I finally got a chance to try out the remote I got a few months ago. I really want to get a family picture in front of the tree this year so I figured I'd better practice a bit with the remote first.Day 30 of 365: As I was unpacking I came across the decanter we got for our wedding. We've never used it and it's been in a box since we moved to Vegas a year ago so I decided it time to get it out of the box. I liked the way it was reflecting the light so I snapped a picture, I don't think I captured it very well though it looked a lot prettier in person.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Days 15 - 29 of 365

Trying to get caught back up here. It's taken me a while with the move, the holiday, and the horrible stomach bug that hit the family this past week. But I'm back. I only missed 2 days with all of that going on. One because, well, I just forgot and the other because I was violently ill so I decided to let myself off the hook for that day.

Anyhow here is picture 15 of 365: this is my oldest daughters art set, it was the last thing to get packed and the only thing I could find to take a picture of the night before we moved.
Day 16 of 365: My fur babies, Loki (the white one) and Tweek (the grey one).
Day 17 of 365: This is how I caught Hailey eating breakfast one morning, with her foot kicked up on the table.
Day 18 of 365: The view from our new bedroom window. Of course the day we moved in it was cold and rainy, this is after months of no rain and nice sunny weather in the 70's.

Day 19 of 365: Thanksgiving Day. You get 2 pictures from this day because I couldn't pick just one. The first is a picture I took from the car on the way to dinner. The 2nd is just the first time I've gotten a picture of a rainbow.
Day 20 of 365: Ashleigh's letter to Santa. LOL if you look at what she wrote down for number 3, I swear I did not tell her to put that on there she is just a girl after mommy's heart. I had no idea what that even was until she told me. Basically it's a little desk that is like my graphics tablet, it hooks up to the tv or computer and comes with a digital camera. She said she wants it "so I can draw on my pictures like you do mommy" cute is that?
Day 21 of 365: Hailey's birthday cake. I forgot to take a picture specifically for this but I got this picture on this day so that counts right?
Day 22 of 365: Just the coolest toy store ever. FAO Swartz at Ceasar's Palace Forum Shops.

Day 23 of 365: Ashleigh's new hair cut.
Day 24 of 365: I was just playing around with my new star filter on this one. Nothing special.
Day 25 of 365: Just a continuation of yesterday, my favorite ornament.
Day 26 of 365: My sick day.

Day 27 of 365: Oops...I forgot

Day 28 of 365: Hailey admiring her reflection.
Day 29 of 365: Todays...Yay I'm caught up! Just a quick snap shot of Hailey with Tweek. That poor cat puts up with so much. The darn flash didn't fire on this one, I tried to save it as much as possible and I'm not sure why but I like it.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day 14 of 365

Whew, caught up on posting. This is a lovely little statue at the playground, not creepy at all eh. You'd think if they are going to put a giant snake at the playground they'd make it look a little less menacing.

Day 13 of 365

Yeah we'll see about that!

Day 12 of 365

So I wasn't supposed to use pictures of my kids for this, but this is the only picture I got all day on this day. So I'm semi cheating I guess, oh well I didn't figure I'd make it a full year and not use at least one picture of the kids lol. This is my youngest Hailely, learning to walk. This is such a fun age, it seems like she learns something new everyday. Ignore the mess in the background, we move in 2 days and the place is a disaster right now.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day 11 of 365

Here are a couple desert pictures. These 2 were taken back in August at my current place of residence, Las Vegas. We moved here just last year so I don't have a whole lot of pictures from here yet, my husband is in the military and we have about 3 years left here so before we go I will make a trip out to death valley!

This one was taken at our previous station, Tucson, AZ. We were there for about 4 years and this picture was my favorite of all the ones I've taken there. This was actually taken with my point and shoot from inside a moving car lol.
And here is my shot for the day. My 4 year old decided to put on a shadow puppet show for me and her little sister today. I had horrible light in there and couldn't use the darn flash or I'd lose the shadow so it's extremely grainy and the textured wall doesn't help much either I guess.

Day 10 of 365

My youngest daughter has started to take an interest in books, especially lift the flap books. I love the cubby hand pictures. It didn't come out exactly how I wanted it so I think I'm going to have to attempt this picture again. The focus is off and she wasn't really interested in sitting still for pictures, maybe another day.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 9 of 365

Nothing special. We went to the park today and I was excited to see grass, living in the desert I don't get to see much of this.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 8 of 365

I am struggling with this already lol. I wondered around the house for nearly an hour today trying to find something to take a picture of (other than the kids). This is all I could come up with. These belonged to my oldest daughter and I'm waiting for my youngest to grow into them because they are just too cute.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Day 7 of 365

I am kicking myself right now. We took the girls to the Forum Shops at Ceasar's Palace and I forgot my camera!! The whole time we were there I kept thinking "that would have been a cool picture"...doh. Oh well, it's not like I can't go back another day. So today you will have to settle for a picture of Eddie's motorcycle, it's a close up of the rear wheel. I've been meaning to take some shots of this for a while, I just love all the lines and details. I need to get it out of the garage next time though, I really didn't have much room to move around to get these shots.

Day 6 of 365

I promise I took this picture yesterday, I just didn't get a chance to sit down at the computer all day. We had to take Hailey for her 1 year shots yesterday, poor thing got 5 shots and had blood taken, so she was not in a good mood at all. Anyhow, this is a picture of my very first lunchbox. I found it while I was packing up. I used to have an obsession with these things. I have probably about 30 total now that just sit in a box and collect dust, I can't bring myself to part with them though. Maybe we'll find a nice spot for them at the new house.