Monday, December 29, 2008

Days 38 - 48

Oh man it has been hectic around here. Hailey's 1 year molars are coming in so she is not sleeping much at all and just insists on being held non-stop. It's been nice having Eddie home but since he'll be working nights when he goes back to work he's been sleeping most of the day, lucky duck I wish I could sleep too.

These pictures catch me up until the 27th. I have pictures for the 28th and today on the camera and will upload them probably tomorrow. I need to get to bed and enjoy the hour of sleep I might get before Hailey wakes up screaming.

Day 48 of 365- Nothing special I was just playing around with the camera a bit while I was waiting for our frozen pizza to cook (the meal of a very sleep deprived mom).

Day 47 of 365- This was Eddie's Christmas present. It's a beer stein with the characters from World of Warcraft on it. I was actually pretty impressed with the art on it. I'm not sure what he's going to do with it, it's not like he drinks that much beer but he really wanted it (I guess he can put his coke in it)Day 46 of 365 - Christmas morning. This was such a fun year. Hailey LOVED the stockings, more than the presents. She kept stealing things from Ashleigh's stocking and putting in her own lol. She had more fun putting things in and taking them back out then doing anything else all day long. For Ashleigh this was the first year that she really understood the whole Santa thing, she kind of got it last year but not really. It was very magical for her, more than anything though she just wanted to make sure the reindeer ate their carrots she wasn't nearly as concerned about Santa's cookies. All in all it was a good day, we only had one melt down from Ashleigh because Hailey got a stuffed turtle and she didn't.
Day 45 of 365 - I wish I had set this picture up by the tree so there'd be a prettier backdrop. But the stinking cats kept trying to drink the milk, and I was afraid they'd spill it in the living room. Maybe next year.
Day 44 of 365 - Making snickerdoodles. I wanted to do something other than the chocolate chip and sugar cookies we make every year. I don't know if I'll make them again no one wanted to eat them but me, so I ended up leaving a big plate out for our milk man. Ashleigh at least had fun making them.

Day 43 of 365 - LOVING my new camera and lens!!
Day 42 of 365 - Just playing around again with the new camera and lens....still waiting for my speedlight, very impatiently I might add.
Day 41 of 365 - Our Christmas wreath. I didn't realize until I looked at the picture how bent out of shape it is. This poor thing has been through so many moves and the scarf has been glued back on so many times.
Day 40 of 365 - My new lens arrived this day. My wonderful husband got me the new 50mm 1.4 AF-S lens. It was love at first shot!

Day 39 of 365 - Our Christmas card picture for this year. I was running way behind for cards this year and never even got them printed and in the mail, everyone had to settle for e-cards. I'm usually so on the ball with these things too, I don't know what happened this year.
Day 38 of 365 - Got my new camera! The Nikon D90...this is one of the first shots I took with it, just a snapshot. So far so good, it's taken a bit of getting used to but I'm really liking it, especially with the new lens. I really can't wait to try the speedlight out with it. And Eddie is loving playing with the D40...he actually read Understanding Exposure. I bought the book a few months ago for me and haven't had the chance to read much in it and he got to sit down and finish it in one night, that's the benefit of being on night shift I guess on his days off he gets to hang out for hours at a time with no kids awake to bother him.


Amanda said...

I enjoyed all of your photos! It looks like your new camera and lens are working out (but you get most of the credit)! I bet you are loving it! You took alot of great photos. They are all fantastic!
I can relate to the one year molar struggle. My Maria is going through the same thing, not sleeping and wanting to be held constantly. Hopefully they come through soon!

Tess said...

Beautiful shots, Jessica! Nice clarity and sharpness!

Crystal said...

Lovely captures!! I love the water drop shot :D I've been meaning to play around with water and some other liquids at slow speeds.. you've inspired me too!! Thanks!