Friday, January 2, 2009

Days 49-53

Ok I am resolving to post more often. I was off to such a good start but kind of starting let myself fall behind in the postings. So as of now I will attempt to post at least every couple days, not once a week.

Day 53 of 365 - Fridays are my favorite days because we get our Winder Farms delivery. Every Thursday night we put a cooler on our front porch and when we wake up it is full of yummy things, fresh from a farm in Utah. This is my favorite, we order this every week, it's the best apple juice I have ever had! Of course the stuff is a bit pricey but sooooo worth it, not just because it tastes good but the convenience of having food delivered right to your door.Day 52 of 365 - Happy New Year! We let Ashleigh stay up and watch the festivities with us. Well with me anyhow Eddie had to work as always, he always seems to get stuck with mid shift on New Years Eve. I was really surprised she made it until midnight and still didn't want to go to bed, of course she cried because she wanted to see the real fireworks not the "stupid tv fireworks".
Day 51 of 365 - I'm shocked this picture even came out at all. I took this during Hailey's 3 hour nap in my arms. Every time I tried to lay her down she would wake up so I just let her sleep on me. Of course I was rather bored so I picked up my camera and started shooting with one hand lol.
Day 50 of 365 - Hailey let me put her hair up in piggy tails today.

Of course it didn't last very long.
Day 49 of 365 - I know, I know enough with the pictures of the cat already. I was really trying to get a picture of my other cat, Loki, but for some reason he always closes his eyes even when I'm NOT using flash. Loki has the prettiest blue eyes but I can not get a good picture of them, so you will have to settle for Tweek again, he doesn't mind modeling for me as you can see.


Tess said...

OH how funny with the ponytails! Sounds like your cat, Loki, and my dog, Loki should get together. They both hate cameras! hahaha

Design by Jenn said...

hehe, cutie pie! Love the piggies ... I hope they grow out of this stage (kate does that too! argh)
Is that a new kitchen set? And a new doll house? How fun! I LOVE that kitchen set!

Eric L said...

Oh, funny! SDounds like we're both in the sme posting habits, let's shake them together, LOL