Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 59 - 62

This gets me caught up for all but todays which is still on the camera. I'm having a hard time with this as you can see. It's not taking the pictures that I"m having a hard time with, it's getting them processed and posted in a timely manner.

Day 62 of 365 - I was just hanging out in the kitchen waiting for water boil, these are my salt and pepper shakers. I love Alice In Wonderland and have a ton of collectibles like this.
Day 61 of 365 - Hailey was being so sweet on this night. She was just laying around the floor playing with her toes (and trying to eat them). I love little baby feet, I wish I could keep her little forever.
Day 60 of 365 - I caught him! I got my new speedlight on this day and was playing around with it, and for the first time ever I got a picture of him with his eyes open. This is my other furbaby Loki.
Day 59 of 365 - Lazy mommy day...I didn't feel like cooking so we got In and Out Burger, so good. This picture is making me really hungry now.


Brittany said...

Those baby feet are so cute! I love little baby feet! Those burgers are making my mouth water. In and Out is my husband's FAVORITE place to eat - and I love it, too! I wish we had one near us!

Amanda said...

This is a fun series! Great capture of your baby's feet and hand! So precious!

Tess said...

I love these, Jessica! Your cat's eyes are pretty! Baby feet I just wanna eat up! :)